Author Nadia Giordana

Like you, I’ve reinvented myself several times. Below is a basic outline of my book, Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age, available on Amazon now.

Seven steps to creating new chapters in your life (covered in depth, in the book):

Your reinvention may be personal, spiritual, social or economical.
1.Reshaping your body: Having a healthier body will give you the foundation to pursue your endeavors. I can help you get there.
2.Realigning relationships along with your spiritual self: Your success depends upon having balance in both areas. I’ll cover this too.
3.Redirecting thought patterns: Shift thoughts away from the mistaken idea that time has passed you by. I’ll share them with you.
4.Rediscovering the magic. Regardless of your age, you still have your whole life ahead of you. Embrace it, I’ll show you how.
5.Removing regrets means removing “I wish I had” from your vocabulary. This is important, and I’ll help you design a plan.
6.Rewriting your new life chapter: I’ll walk you through this, all the way to your ‘showstopper’ goal.
7.Revealing your intentions, or re-introducing yourself. I’ll support you.

Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age

To get your print copy, Click Here. To get your Kindle version, Click Here.

tskTHINKING SKINNY 2012 revised edition

To get your print copy, Click Here.

2012 revised edition Kindle ebook, Click Here.


 No Thank You copyNo Thank You, I’d Rather Be Myself! (Nadia’s first collection of poetry, wit, wisdom, drawings and anecdotes.) Click Here.



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